According to local reports, “Seen Don” hit singer, Ronald Alimpa, is set to welcome his first child with his girlfriend.

The singer shared the good news about his expectant girlfriend welcoming a new bundle of joy while appearing in an interview show on Sanyuka television.

The “Seen Don” hitmaker noted that by the time he got involved in the nasty car crash (September 28th,2022), his wife was three moths pregnant.

“I and my girlfriend expect to welcome our first child together. By the time I got involved in the nasty car crash, my wife was three months pregnant by then,” Alimpa said.

He explained that apparently, he is filled with the joy of becoming a father and cannot wait to welcome the bundle of joy in his life.

At the moment singer Ronald Alimpa is still nursing a fractured limb and he performs at shows while in his wheelchair.

This might be the reason as to why the singer admitted to have quit toxic substances like the rest of the artists around the world.

He says that back then, he puffed weed at his own desire, as no one would stop him from indulging in the vice.

However, Alimpa finally confirmed quitting the substances following a long spell, when he was bedridden in hospital following a nasty car crash, that almost took his life.

According to the singer, the pain he experienced during the operation was extreme as the doctors advised him to quit drugs if he wanted to live longer.

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