Shakira Shakiraa stirred up a storm on social media with her recent job announcement. The singer took to her online platforms to advertise for a housemaid position at her residence, but the requirements she laid out have raised eyebrows among netizens.

In a video shared online, Shakira Shakiraa detailed her criteria for the potential housemaid, emphasizing that physical appearance is not a priority.

Contrary to conventional expectations, she specified that the maid should not possess certain traits such as beauty, clear and light skin, a slim waist, or a beautiful smile. Additionally, she stated that the candidate should not have a boyfriend and should be good at cooking.

One of the other aspects of Shakira Shakiraa’s announcement was her directive regarding social interaction. She made it clear that the maid should refrain from engaging in daily conversations with her employer and should avoid making direct eye contact.

Instead, she assured that the maid would be safeguarded by a security guard when the employer was absent.

Shakira Shakiraa assured the candidates that entertainment options would be available, including access to television.

Furthermore, she disclosed that the chosen candidate would receive a monthly salary of Shs500,000.

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