Former Eagles vocalist Hajjat Sophia Ssimbwa Nantongo has finally succumbed to pressure and agreed to refund millions she is accused of conning from a US job seeker.

For some weeks now, the “Tega akamasu” hitmaker has been in the news for the wrong reasons after it was reported that she was arrested on allegations of fraud.

A man only identified as Stanley accused the singer of obtaining his money to the tune of eleven million shillings upon promising to get him a job in the United States of America.

Stanley says he was made to trust Sophie’s claim to be authentic after receiving a recommendation from his sister who lives in the US and is also a tight friend to the singer.

Nantongo charges 15 million for the job according to Stanley and the 11 he paid was a down payment with the balance to be paid later upon attaining the Visa.

” I paid 11 million as a down payment having agreed that the balance would be cleared after the job,” Stanley told the media.

The whole process was expected to be concluded by November last year but the singer instead started playing hide and seek with the disgruntled man prompting him to run to the police.

The singer was arrested and quizzed but released the following day leaving Stanley bitter that she had bought her way out of jail.

“I know that man Stanley because the sister is a close friend. We received his money but through the company and not me individually. We wanted to help him get a US visa and not a job because my company doesn’t provide labour services. However, the partner company in the US postponed the program and we found ourselves tied. Since we had nothing to do, he felt conned and he ran to the Police where I was summoned. I explained to them what had happened and they told us to come up with devised payment plan after a mutual understanding,” said the singer.

She added that she was surprised to see Stanley in the news before the date for the next payment had arrived. The singer said that she has no problem with paying back this money and she indeed will.

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