Talent manager Roger Lubega assured Ritah Dancehall that she deserves a beating.

Lubega, who manages songstress Spice Diana under his music label Source Management, said Dancehall sent contemptuous messages to Diana.

“Ritah, I want that familiarity to stop. Ritah, I’m asking you to stop sending stupid messages to my musician… It’s you who wanted to meet Diana and she gave you her time… Just because we laugh together and I treat you as a friend… stop the familiarity,” Lubega said in an audio broadcast shared by Spark TV.

“I don’t like it at all in my business… This is my business, not [Ziza] Bafana’s [she does some work with Bafana] where you take your stupidity… If you had sent these messages you sent to Diana to me, I would have beaten you… I have never given you a job, so don’t show contempt again… I’m not at your level.”

Dancehall recently claimed that Lubega sent threats to kill for criticising Diana’s concert that was held this past Friday.

“In case I encounter any problems, suspect number one is Roger, the manager of Spice Diana. He threatened to kill me for giving my opinion on their show… it had good production, but the stage act was not interesting… They are attacking me for saying the show wasn’t interesting… He said he will kill me… Meanwhile, they even stopped me from performing at their show in Jinja… The Spice Dianas and the team were busy abusing me… if they have a problem with me, I apologise to them…” she said in a video posted on TikTok.

“But I can’t be at home when I’m worried that someone wants to kill me… Guys remember there was a saga of Spice Diana killing a person… I’m now living in fear… Is it an issue to criticise the show?… I’ve even filed a case at police because I can’t allow being threatened.”

Lubega denied Dancehall’s allegations that they hired her to dance at Diana’s concert in Jinja and later canceled the deal when she criticised the concert that was held at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

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