January has been eventful on social media and one outstanding saga that had netizens buzzing was a video of a Makerere University student filmed kneeling before the girlfriend in Mary Stuart Hall.

In the video, the gentleman, later identified as Onesmus Twesigye is seen pledging to be submissive to the girlfriend in a seemingly apologetic mood.

The recording was viral on many platforms attracting mixed reactions from the public.

Recently, one of the local media outlets (Matooke Republic) managed to interview Onesmus who narrated his side of the story and life after the infamousness.

The final year bachelor of statistics student confessed how he deeply cares about the girlfriend (Immaculate Katunga aka Immy) currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in economics and statistics.

During the interview, Onesmus disclosed that they have been dating for about a year, and the two swore to never leave each other.

“The time I met Immaculate, she was from a broken relationship, and she was in tears because her former boyfriend had hurt her. I comforted her and vowed to truly love her,” he said.

The gentleman went on to reveal that the pair had cemented the relationship with a special agreement.

“In a blood oath, we vowed never to abandon one another. This was done after testing our HIV/AIDS status,” Onesmus added.

He however, claimed that Immaculate’s friends disliked him and continuously gave his girlfriend false information about him.

“They called me a cheater, yet I am not. This relationship is my first, and I truly love her,” he said.

Onesmus asserted that the misunderstandings that led to him having to go to Immaculate were brought on by rumors that her friends had spread about him.

He went to Mary Stuart Hall on January 4, 2023, to patch up the relationship.

“When I entered her room, one of her friends was there, and she invited another friend. I didn’t mind them because my focus was to apologize,” Onesmus said.

When asked if he knew they were recording, he said;

“I didn’t know. I thought they were busy on their phones. But I was shocked to see a video of me kneeling on the internet the following day.”

Onesmus pledged to his girlfriend in the video that he would be submissive to her. We asked him to clarify.

“All I did was out of love because I was desperate,” he said. 

The incident took an unimaginable toll on Onesmus’ psychological strength, generating some life-ending thoughts.

“At some point, I had suicidal thoughts, but my neighbors talked me through them. Also, the good thing is that my parents know nothing about the video,” he said.

Onesmus stated that regardless of what occurred, he is hopeful that they will patch things up because he loves his girlfriend.

“We gave ourselves a break until we finish exams for this semester,” he said.

He urged the public not to judge him for his actions.

The post This relationship is my first and I truly love her – Kneeling Makerere University Student not Giving up on Girlfriend, Spills More Secrets was written by the awesome team at Campus Bee.

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