The bustling city of Kampala is abuzz with anticipation as it prepares to host the ninth Oil and Gas Convention, slated to unfold from April 17th to 18th within the opulent halls of Serena Hotel Kampala.

With meticulous planning underway by the Uganda Chamber of Mines and Petroleum (UCMP), this year’s convention promises to be a landmark event in Uganda’s journey towards first oil production, all while navigating the complex landscape of a just energy transition.

Drawing together an impressive ensemble of fifty exhibitors and an expected cohort of six hundred distinguished guests, the convention stands as a pivotal platform for industry stakeholders to convene and exchange insights on the latest developments within the oil and gas sector.

Beyond fostering dialogue, the convention also serves as a sprawling marketplace, offering an expansive exhibition space for showcasing a myriad of goods and services intricately linked to the industry’s operations.

Embodying the theme, “The Journey to First Oil In The Face Of a Just Energy Transition In Uganda,” the convention resonates with the ongoing global discourse surrounding energy transition.

It underscores the imperative need for adopting sustainable environmental and social governance practices, underscoring Uganda’s commitment to responsible resource extraction.

The significance of this dialogue is further accentuated by the esteemed presence of President Yoweri Museveni, who will inaugurate the convention with a keynote address.

Aggrey Ashaba, the erudite Secretary General of UCMP, elucidated on the convention’s multifaceted objectives, stating, “In the two days—our discussions will be meticulously aligned to the theme, focusing on available opportunities in awarded contracts and those yet to be awarded across various projects.”

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With an emphasis on knowledge exchange, participants will delve into shared experiences to address emerging sector challenges and collaboratively devise innovative strategies for surmounting them.

A focal point of discussion will undoubtedly be the staggering $7.1 billion worth of contracts allocated for services in the oil sector. These contracts encompass a vast spectrum of activities ranging from camp management and drilling to waste management and warehousing, underscoring the breadth of opportunities that abound within the industry’s expansive ecosystem.

Amidst the symphony of discussions, the exhibition floor will emerge as a vibrant tapestry, showcasing a diverse array of products and services offered by industry participants.

Exhibitors, drawn from sectors spanning oil and gas exploration and production to labor skilling, entrepreneurship, insurance, finance, logistics and transport, hospitality and tourism, QHSSE, engineering, construction, and manufacturing, will collectively illuminate the rich tapestry of offerings that underpin Uganda’s burgeoning oil and gas sector.

As industry stalwarts and policymakers converge within the hallowed halls of the Kampala Serena Hotel, anticipation mounts for a confluence of transformative ideas, strategic partnerships, and significant strides towards nurturing a sustainable, inclusive, and prosperous oil and gas sector in Uganda.

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