According to “Balo Balo” hit maker Mudra D’Viral, Ugandans have not been fair to “Seen Don” hit maker Ronald Alimpa, as they have not ranked his hit song fairly.

According to Mudra, “Seen Don” should have ranked at number one or two on all award lists that were released.

Mudra cites the song’s great creativity, unique style, superb lyrics and sweetest voice.

Mudra made these revelations on his official Twitter handle.

“Ugandans are so forgetful indeed. No where did I see the song Seen Don ranked number one but it actually got to be among the top two songs of every list there is maybe. It was a song of great creativity, unique style, superb lyrics and ofcourse the sweetest voice last year,” he tweeted.

According to Mudra, Seen Don was one of his best songs from last year.

Ronald Alimpa won the hearts of Ugandans with “Seen Don”, an urban rendition of traditional folklore sounds, that was laced with sweet and imaginative sing along lyrics whose vivid imagery was critically acclaimed.

The video has since received 4.9 million views on You Tube.

Alimpa has since faded from the mainstream music scene as his follow up songs such as “Mazzi ga bore” have not received the widespread acclaim that “Seen Don” received.

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