Over the weekend, seasoned song writer Nince Henry took to his Twitter to share a truckload of knowledge and information about the songwriting craft.

Nince Henry started this twitter thread while addressing the controversial concern of Mowzey Radio’s hard drive, which is suspected to contain the latter’s unreleased music after his sudden death.

After Spice Diana’s concert, many social media users took to Twitter to celebrate Nince Henry for his exceptional writing on Spice Diana’s hit single, “Regular”.

This prompted Nince to share some insight to exceptional writing to his legion of followers.

According to Nince, great song writing is characterized by investing oneself in listening to lots of music.

Nince further urged upcoming writers to listen to more Western music as opposed to the local one.

According to Nince, Western music is more lyrical than any other in the world.

Nince further discouraged upcoming writers from listening to contemporary artistes such as himself if they are to derive their inspiration locally, but to immerse themselves in the craft of greats such as Elly Wamala.

“Truth is like I’ve always told upcoming songwriters! Be a great music listener especially the western music because it’s more lyrical than any other in the world. If you chose to listen to our local music don’t listen to the likes of Nince Henry but those great,” he tweeted.

Nince further listed names of local artistes young writers can look up to for inspiration.

“Composers like Elly Wamala and Paul Kafeero. If you have a great gift, you must be able to use your own translational talent to create out of that in your own language. it helps you to be lyrical and melodic,” he added.

Nince went an extra mile to demonstrate how having a penchant for listening to music can define an exceptional song writer.

Nince shared a tale of himself and since fallen contemporary, Mowzey Radio.

Nince notes that both writers listened to a lot of Paul Kafeero music, to the extent that both scribes had an argument about who listened to him more.

According to Nince, he conceded defeat to Radio, when he took him to his car, only to realize that the latter had 20 more Kafeero songs on his play list than he did.

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