The leadership of the Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) has revealed that their Members of Parliament did not boycott parliament during the censuring of the State Minister for Housing, Persis Namuganza but they just excused themselves from the sitting.

Through the Twitter handle of the UPDF Spokesperson, they said, “UPDF MPs did not ‘boycott’ parliament, but excused themselves from the sitting after wide consultations over the matter.”

Meanwhile, Members of Parliament on Monday overwhelmingly voted to censure their fellow lawmaker Namuganza. A total of 356 legislators out of 529 in Parliament voted. Out of the number, 348 voted in support, meeting the threshold of 265 MPs needed to carry on the censure motion as provided for under Rule 109(13) of the Rule of Procedure and Article 118(1) of the Constitution.

However, Five MPs voted “no” and these included; Loy Katali (Jinja District), Alioni Yorke Odria (Aringa South), Moses Walyomu Muwanika (Kagoma County), and Buyende woman MP Mary Nakato Annet.

While three abstained and these included; Florence Akiiki Asiimwe, the Masindi District Woman Representative, Busingye Peninah Kabingani (Elderly Representative), and Lee Denis Aguzu, the Maracha County MP.

All the Ministers, including Namuganza, were missing from the House. Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa is expected to transmit the resolution of Parliament to President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni within 24 hours for appropriate action.

Ms Namuganza’s troubles started when the House’s Adhoc Committee which was investigating the Nakawa-Naguru land mess, faulted her for unlawfully manipulating the allocation of plots. The committee recommended that Ms Namuganza steps aside as investigations into her conduct carry on but she said that Parliament had no powers to make such a decision, as this is only a preserve of the President who is the appointing authority.

This did not go well with the MPs, who said she was undermining the authority of the House, she was subsequently sent to the disciplinary committee, which later recommended her censure.

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