Victor Kamenyo shared insights into his three-year break from the music scene, giving reasons behind his deliberate absence.

For Kamenyo, this period wasn’t just about stepping away from the spotlight; it was a journey of self-reflection and evaluation, both personally and professionally.

During his break, Kamenyo chose to prioritize self-discovery, taking a step back to reassess not only his career as an artist but also his identity as an individual.

This pause allowed him to delve deep into his thoughts and aspirations, gaining valuable insights into himself and his music.

While absent from the music scene, Kamenyo found a new hobby and creative expression through TikTok, collaborating with his wife on content that shows snippets of their lives and love story.

Kamenyo acknowledged the harsh reality of fame. He realized that some individuals were drawn to him because of his status as an artist, and when he temporarily faded from the limelight, they drifted away.

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