News anchor Mildred Tuhaise took to TikTok to share a video in which she is seen dancing with fellow news anchor and talk show host Simon Kaggwa Njala.

The duo is dancing to Konkona, the 2022 hit single by Vamos 256.

The song, which was released on May 19, 2022, also has a video that was directed by Edrine Paul.

It also has a remix featuring Zex Bilangilangi, which was produced by Steve Jean, the legendary producer and chief executive of Fenon Records and Events.

In the song, whose lyrics are in Luganda, Vamos 256 sings: “Knock, and I see you and leave… I’m the one, the pancake, the sweet plantain… it’s me who loves you to death, baby… I’ve come so you rub the tears you used to cry… I’ve come to make you forget your problems because I bring nice things.”

He goes on: “I sleep uncomfortably because the heart demands me. Time has reached and the heart is too annoyed… I don’t know what you did to me… I’ve decided… to come where you live… I’ve brought spiced love… I’m your soda, your askari… I’ve come looking for you… I’ve been passing on my greetings…”

The crooner, whose real name is Amos Birungi, released another ballad at the end of 2022 titled Ayaka featuring Jose Sax.

Meanwhile, Njala and Tuhaise’s video gave a boost to the Konkona jam though their dance moves were comical.

Njala seemed uncoordinated, as he almost kicked Tuhaise who laughs at his moves at the end.

Watch the video below:

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