Sheilah Gashumba and Rickman Manrick have been painting the social media streets red in a riveting love tale of rebellion, passion and controversy.

One of the highlights of their locally celebrated romance was when Sheilah Gashumba bought Rickman a ticket to go and watch English football’s most contested match live, between Arsenal and Manchester united, yesterday, as Rickman is a devout Arsenal fan and football lover.

Yesterday, Manrick flooded his Twitter page with live updates from the football match.

According to Manrick, the experience will forever go down as one of his greatest in life.

“This was and will always be one of the greatest experience in my life. Wow.” he tweeted.

These revelations do not come as surprising as to Rickman’s fortune, his team of choice, Arsenal, won the game.

After the game, Manrick’s socialite girlfriend Sheilah Gashumba took to her Twitter to celebrate the win, wishing all Arsenal fans a goodnight.

“Goodnight Arsenal fans!!! Only Arsenal fans,” she tweeted.

Attached to her “goodnight-tweet” was a steamy video of both her and Manrick romancing in an upscale getaway resort.

Draped in bathrobes, the lovers get lost in each others chests as they exchange kisses.

The location at which the video was filmed was undisclosed but chances are high it was in South Africa, where the young couple eloped, after Sheilah’s father Gashumba, lashed out at the couple in a voice note that was leaked to the media.

Sheilah Gashumba is not ready to back down just yet on their romance, as she took to her Twitter to announce future plans to take Rickman to Mars.

Watch the video of the lovers getting steamy below;

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