Singer Douglas Mayanja, better known as Weasel, said that his baby mama Sandra Teta forgave him following domestic violence rumours that swirled on the internet last year.

In August 2022, a picture of Teta in a bruised state was shared on social media, with claims that she had been assaulted by Weasel.

Some people who knew her like Jose Chameleone’s wife, Daniella Atim, and Buchaman’s wife, Claire Nangajja, alias Maama Ghetto, claimed that Weasel had been abusing Teta for many years.

Following the incident, Teta returned to Rwanda and she has been there since.

“That stopped last year and she even forgave me a long time ago. And Sandra Teta I love you where you are,” Weasel during a media interview on Monday.

He also hinted at the possibility of them reuniting: “Be prepared, eh-he, I shaved the hair, and wait for me a little, I will wear a suit.”

Weasel’s mother, Proscovia Musoke, had assured the public last year that Teta will return soon and she had gone to rest.

“She is soon coming back… She went to rest,” she said.

Asked why she is so sure, she added: “We communicate and she is okay. Even her parents have no problem with us. She didn’t go in bad spirits. I talk to her daily. Even my grandkids.”

Musoke continued: “People spread a lot of rumors and she decided to leave for a while to keep away from the noise.”

When he was asked why their family is chaotic, citing Chameleone’s recent incident with a Boda Boda man, Weasel dismissed the claims, saying: “We are not chaotic, we are like everyone else.”

Chameleone on Monday assured the public that he had cause for lashing the Boda man.

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