The perks of having a football obsessed partner often go unnoticed.

It is not just a game, it is an emotion. It is an emotional experience for the fan, according to one football fan, Krishnan.

Read on for the ways football can make your relationship thrive.

Easy gifting

It is easy to gift your partner. You can curate anything to his passion for football from merchandise, to autographs to customised items.

Recently, Media Personality Sheilah Gashumba took her boyfriend artiste Rickman Manrick with a live watch of the Arsenal FC Vs Manchester United match.


Football fans are known for their commitment to their clubs. Through the celebrations and agonising losses over any period of time, it is rain or shine for them.

The bright side is that they cultivate admirable qualities. Passion for their likes, respect, a sense of humanity and above all commitment.

He may be frustrated seeing his team’s performance BUT he is always PROUD of his club. 10 years as a football fan taught him a lot than anything will teach him in a lifetime. A true football fan is the most humble and beautiful soul you’ll ever come across,” says Prabhakaran Chellappan, software engineer, gamer and football fan.

Easy communication

A football fan is probably the most obvious fan of anything. Bonding with them over football or talking to them about it is a one-way ticket to endless passion, communication and understanding.

This a huge part of their personality or character and life. Therefore an easy way of communicating with them and them letting you in.

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