It is said that journalism has had great impact in the society banding on the role played by the players themselves, journalists and president Museveni has lived on empowering the profession.
President Museveni made great strides to stabilize and equip individuals with relevant skills and expertise in the office of Resident District Commissioners (RDC) and their subordinates Assistant Resident District Commissioners (ARDC) and journalist Moses Kizito Buule is among the new recruits as the Assistant Resident District Commissioner Buvuma District.
Buule boost with growing influence and expertise in media related works with his prowess in Digital media  especially  in political; social and enterprising reporting mostly at arguably  Uganda’s Online Digital Media Platform Watchdog Uganda Website and thus far.
He has exposed his journalistic skills by exposing government related programs such as Operation Wealth Creation and Emyooga,  being accountable to those in government offices mostly civil servants; their roles and regularities especially in Mukono District which is also a core role for the office of the Resident District Commissioners and Deputy Resident District Commissioners today respectively.
The latter has made an impact in journalism by exercising  and exposing his skills by publishing stories and periodicals of great influence and human interesting publication which has attracted the watchful eye of the old lion in power Museveni to allocate him into public service.
Such appointment came with a lot of hard work; mentoring and attribution from the field work and ethical sourcing of impactful stories and relating together with the community.
Commissioner Moses kizito Buule second right while listening to the views of the people of Siliba in Buvuma town Council on Monday
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In Mukono District alone;  the latter has worked hard like a Trojan to impact lives of people and their leaders through participating in communal and leadership works and advocating for the rights of journalists especially under Mukono Journalists Association.
He has been a renowned portrait in fighting and advocating for rights of journalists and such fighting abilities could be fostered in monitoring and evaluating government programs in a designated area of work in Buvuma District.
Buvuma as for clarity is composed of mostly sixteen dominated islands;  Nyenda, Buziri, Sindiro, Mpata, Meme, Kibibi, Serinya, Malija, Mpungu, Bugaya, Nvuma, Lufu, Yumbe, Zzinga and Lingira and majority of the population are into fishing.
The latter is expected to work effectively in land of fishers; Buvuma  Region and the community leaders to champion government initiates to empower locals in farming and trade business initiates to realise ‘Steady progress’ in service delivery.
Assistant RDC Moses Kizito Buule and Fred Singoma in the middle while meeting members of Patriotic League of Uganda PLU Buvuma cluster
Before; Buule has been an instrumental pillar in Human Rights Network for Journalists Uganda (HRNJ-) an umbrella that advocates for the rights of journalists in Uganda and such exposure could help suffix the communication gaps between the office of President and the natives of Buvuma District.
Buule’s working abilities with fellow journalists and the good researching abilities will help the government to stabilise the communication gaps that has been lacking between the Buvuma natives; media and the leadership fraternities within.
The appointment of the latter is a unifying factor too in easing communication flow between the the office of President Museveni and civil sernats since the former has always been grappling with effective communicators to reach out to the common persons alias ‘WANAINCHI’ as always elaborated by Museveni.
 President Museveni since 1986  has been grappling with ‘unfair reporting’  bringing to task publications and media personnel due to their unfair reporting.
The recruitment of skilled personals in the office of  Deputy Resident District Commissioner (DRDC) Buvuma Region in Buule remains a great score for the president Museveni as effective and objective communication flow is a assuredly a guarantee to both the natives and their president himself.
Buule’s remarkable recruitment too is a clear indicator that journalism in Uganda  has grown into a formidable profession to expose individuals in civil servant offices away from the usual reporting.

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