Ex Chameleone protégé and baby brother Douglas Sseguya ,who is better known as Weasel, is more than grateful for the role his eldest brother played in his music career.

Weasel expressed his gratitude to the self-proclaimed musical doctor during the press conference briefing towards the latter’s forthcoming “Gwanga Mujje” show.

According to Weasel, he is grateful to Chameleone as he would not have attained anything in music without him.

“Without Chameleone, I would not have been here,” he remarked.

He further jested that without Chameleone, the country would still be infested with Congolese music.

Weasel further added that he is grateful that the show is being organized by women as it will inspire him to outdo himself.

“I will sing my heart out to the extent of fainting,” he noted at the press conference.

Weasel Manizo has each and every right to show gratitude to his big brother as it is from his musical outfit, Leone Island, that he got his musical foundation, and also met Moses Ssekibogo Nakintijje, who is better known as Radio, an individual with who he went forth to have tremendous career success.

Under Leone Island, Chameleone gave Weasel his first musical start, as he was featured on “Bomboclat”, a dancehall hit that ushered Weasel to the Ugandan music scene.

,Pulse Uganda,

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