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Ykee Benda gives Rabadaba his flowers: He was a different animal

Rabadaba, real name Faisal Sseguya, last released a song over a year ago. His fans, including fellow celebrities, miss him on the big scene.

On Saturday, via X, Mpaka Records boss and singer Ykee Benda expressed his admiration for Rabadaba’s talent and how he was “a different animal.”

Ykee tweeted; “RABADABA WAS A DIFFERENT ANIMAL. Pure talent.” His tweet seems to have provoked golden memories for most of the music fans who enjoyed Rabadaba’s music in the past.

Going by the replies, most local music lovers are still smitten with his music and keep wondering whether he still has it in him to drop at least one last banger before retiring from music.

Rabadaba began his music career back in 2006 when he was under the Local Music Crew, which had other musicians like Grace Nakimera, Gatimo, and Paragon. However, the group members separated to pursue solo projects in 2008.

Rabadaba’s mega bangers including Mukyamu, Bwekiri, Love Portion, Nsula Olunyilili, and Silubala among others made him such a household name, dominating the industry around 2009. His fashion and lifestyle also made statements.

His career was, however, met with several challenges and he had to relocate overseas for various reasons including his relationship with Nalongo Maggie Kiweesi.

Like a couple of other artists from his peak years, Rabadaba now releases just a few projects each year but none have topped the charts like his monster oldies.

Nonetheless, he deserves his flowers. What a beast he was!

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