Dancehall singer Kassim Lubega, known by his stage name Yung Mulo, says he can’t mess up his life by getting into depression just because of clinging to ‘celebrity status’ like many of his fellow artists have been dragged down.

The Sipimika singer says he is way too strong to be put down by the ‘celebrity status’ as he is looking for a way to strip himself of being a star or celebrity as he wants to live his life peacefully and normally.

He feels satisfied and grateful to God that he is alive following the many ups and downs he has overcome during his lifetime and wants to live flexibly.

Yung Mulo explains that fellow public figures get depressed simply because they let the ‘celebrity status’ feel settle in their minds and carry the burden of wanting to impress those who admire them and they eventually lose everything including their freedom.

I’m satisfied and grateful that I’m alive. I love being easy and making sure that my life goes on flexibly. sometimes artists face depression because people expect a lot from them and they also get to carry that burden that wherever they go, they carry that celebrity status which later hunts them.

But for me, I’m even looking for a way how I can strip myself of the celebrity status because I got fed up with it. I don’t work for the celebrity status anymore.

Yung Mulo

The self-styled Badman gadget adds that he doesn’t allow the star or celebrity feel get into his head to get control over him as he lives life as any other normal person in everyday life.

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He further stressed that he doesn’t even get to lose sleep over being regarded as a celebrity who should be hard to reach and engage with since he knows the reality of life.

It just comes automatically and I can’t allow the ‘celebrity status’ to drag me into depression. It can’t even make me lose sleep because I am not the only one that people are supposed to look at.

Being a star, I don’t take it so much and I don’t even allow it to take control over me. Have never been depressed because of music. I rather puff my weed and move on with life as usual.

Yung Mulo

Speaking of music, Yung Mulo disclosed that he is planning on working on a new album which he intends to work with different producers across the region as he aims at being recognized East Africa-wise.

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