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Ziza Bafana responds to Maureen Kabasita’s criticism, accuses her of failing own career

Dancehall singer Richard Kasendwa a.k.a Ziza Bafana has clapped back at singer Maureen Kabasita following the recent comments she about him in an interview in which she criticized him for being one of the individuals who failed her career.

In that interview, Kabasita stressed how she had ditched doing a particular style of music that she knew best and resorted to doing dancehall. On that dancehall song, she joined forces with Ziza Bafana and claimed that they recorded a song that sounded funny to her and vulgar.

As a way to promote the song, her manager and Ziza Bafana suggested that they record content whereby Kabasita acted as if she had been drugged and looked to be puffing weed. Unfortunately, the song did not work out as the stunt that was coupled with the song failed to attract attention.

Based on the failed stunt, Kabasita regretted having taken that direction of doing music and claimed that she is now a reformed person adding that she is now looking forward to settling in a peaceful marriage.

When Ziza Bafana was asked to respond to Kabasita’s comments, he bashed her for accusing him of failing her music career.

He went ahead to state that Kabasita and her team are struggling with curses that she has been carrying for years.

He further explained that Kabasita failed to clear the payment for the studio session when they recorded their collaboration and also excluded him from the video shoot of their song.

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