A few weeks ago, it was exciting to learn that Hajjat Uzeiye Namyalo,the manager Office of the National Chairman (ONC) dispersed her team to Jinja to hold reconciliation meetings for party leaders which was causing bruises and hampering service delivery.

Reconciliation is the act of coming to an understanding and putting an end to hostility as when forever enemies agree to an amicable truce to push for a common agenda.

Sometimes these disagreements can lead to lack of cohesion and collaboration in an organisation like NRM when carders don’t get along with each other which can get it challenging to get everyone aligned with party manifesto implementation.

Misuse of funds like for Parish Development model can become very rampant when conflicting parties who are in charge engage in warfare,wrangles,stress and emotional confrontations which creates gaps in implementing our manifesto which at the end affect our performance during elections.

Conflict in an organisation lower staff morale and lead to poor working relationship which leads to loss of focus on goals set out to achieve.

Party conflict can occur when an issue happens and no one takes responsibility for it. But with Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo great vision and sight,
This is a great step in a right direction.

Chesa Boudin,the American lawyer and founding Executive director of Berkeley’s criminal law and justice centre once said that Reconciliation and forgiveness can actually help all of us move on in a healthier, happy way. Then Shane Clairborne shared that the work of the community,love,reconciliation is the work we cannot leave up to politicians. This is the work we are all called to do.

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Hajjat Namyalo is now a force to reckon with in NRM because she is always trying to read President Yoweri Kaguta heart bit through mediation of conflicting parties to come together and promote wealth creation which is highly engraved in the 2021-2026 NRM manifesto.

Therefore,all leaders should learn strong conflict resolution measures like Hajjat Namyalo of ONC is devoted and present themselves as effective leaders on their different levels because it helps resolve unnecessary tense tensions by helping collegues get along with one another.

By implementing ways to manage these conflicts,you can be part of fostering more positive culture in NRM for national development.

In conclusion, I want to uphold our ONC manager for championing this noble cause as we advance towards 2026 general election. Special thanks to her mobilisation team at ONC headed by Hajji Shafiq Mwanje and his deputy, Hon George Kalema among others.

Long live General Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, Long live Hajjat Haddijah Namyalo our manager.

The writer is the Head of Research Office of the National Chairman


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