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Bobi Wine’s London show brings Ugandan political dissidents, gays together

Bobi Wine made a triumphant return to the UK after a decade-long ban last week, wowing the audience with a passionate performance in London where several Ugandan gays and their supporters as well as political dissidents converged.
Wine’s  show dubbed “the return of the Gladiator,” was held at the Intercontinental Hotel, Peninsula Ballroom Greenwich, drawing over a thousand attendees, including Bobi’s wife, Barbie Itungo. Backed by a live band and featuring guest performers Nubian Li and Gen Mega .
Mega D is an Ugandan musician turned political dissident in the Unites States as well as political activist  and writer Kakwenza Rukirabashaija also a thought to be an homosexual attended.
Rights activist and Ugandan Journalist who is wanted in Uganda over homosexuality support attended the show.
Political bloggers based in Sweden- Peng Peng and Kojja who are know ardent supporters of the National Jniry Pleatform led by Bobi Wine flew from their countries of residence to London as well as other European-based bloggers.
During the show, Bobi Wine criticized his party members including Abed Bwanika who insists them at Bobi Wine is a gay supporter and has vowed to expose the leader.
Bobi Wine also indirectly addressed Mathias his excommunicated parliament commissioner and former leader of opposition Mathias Mpuuga, stressing that the struggle goes beyond formal attire.
BWANIKA and Mpuuga have publicly distanced themselves from Bobi Wine amid accusations of Wine lays against them of corruption while they accuse him of poor leadership and leading the National Unity Platform on his family influence.

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