Growing up, each one faces different challenges especially those who don’t come from well-to-do families as they have to face life the hard way.

Many of the successful people we see today, had difficult upbringings but due to their determination and zeal to make a difference in their lives, they changed the narrative by working hard.

So is singer Chris Banina who shared how he was chased away from home when his sister locked him out for returning late home and resorted to sleeping on the streets of Kampala.

At that time he had Shs800k which he had won in a pool tournament.

When the money was used up, Banina became a house help and driver to a friend he worked for. Out of being well-behaved and impressed at the roles he played in the home, his friend arranged for him to fly him to France.

The process went on smoothly until he relocated and started working in France thus changing his family status.

Chris Banina recalls the time he spent on the streets of Kampala, where he ended up working as a houseboy and driver for a friend. However, it finally paid off when this friend made arrangements for him to go to France.#ComingHome

— SPARK TV (@sparktvuganda) April 15, 2024

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