Ever since singer Sheebah Karungi hooked up with Yung Mulo on the remix of “Sipimika” word has been rife that she hit at her nemeses Cindy Sanyu and Spice Diana in her verse.

Netizens have been eagerly waiting for a response from either Cindy Sanyu or Spice Diana regarding the song.

In an interview, Cindy Sanyu noted that she listened to the song but doesn’t think that Sheebah was hitting on her because she didn’t mention her name.

Cindy believes it’s the critics who have tried to create a conflict between her and Sheebah basing it on the song and asks them to stop it.

She actually says the song is good and they should let it move on its own without creating a fuss around it.

She commended Sheebah and Yung Mulo for coming up with a nice piece of work that fans seem to enjoy and groove to while in the night disco.

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