Uganda Seeks to Enhance ICT Ties with Iran

In a significant diplomatic move, Uganda has initiated steps to strengthen its information and communication technology (ICT) sector through enhanced collaboration with Iran.

Hon. Lukia Isanga Nakadama, the Third Deputy Prime Minister of Uganda, led a high-level delegation to Tehran, where discussions centered on leveraging Iranian expertise to bolster Uganda’s ICT infrastructure and human resource capabilities.

The meeting, held in the picturesque setting of Tehran, featured detailed deliberations between Nakadama and Issa Zarepour, Iran’s Minister of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). 

Against the backdrop of Tehran’s iconic skyline, Nakadama articulated Uganda’s aspirations, expressing a sincere desire for Iran’s assistance in upskilling ICT graduates and empowering them with practical, industry-relevant competencies.

Nakadama’s call for collaboration resonated with Zarepour, who emphasized Iran’s readiness to support Uganda’s ICT endeavors. Drawing on Iran’s rich experience in executing infrastructure projects across Africa, Zarepour outlined a comprehensive roadmap for cooperation, encompassing knowledge transfer, technical assistance, and capacity building initiatives tailored to Uganda’s specific needs.

The dialogue between the two delegations delved into the finer nuances of bilateral cooperation, spanning various facets of ICT development.

From cybersecurity frameworks to e-government solutions, from telecommunication infrastructure to space technology applications, every aspect was meticulously examined to ensure a robust partnership that delivers tangible benefits for both nations.

At the heart of the discussions lay a shared commitment to harnessing ICT as a catalyst for socioeconomic progress. Nakadama underscored the transformative potential of digital technologies in driving inclusive growth and fostering innovation-led development in Uganda. 

Zarepour, in turn, highlighted Iran’s holistic approach to ICT policymaking, which prioritizes accessibility, affordability, and inclusivity to maximize the societal impact of technology interventions.

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The meeting also provided a platform to review the progress made under the bilateral agreement forged during President Ebrahim Raisi’s landmark visit to Uganda. Building upon the momentum generated by that historic visit, both sides reaffirmed their commitment to advancing joint initiatives aimed at expanding mobile phone technologies and accelerating the deployment of cutting-edge ICT solutions across Uganda.

Beyond bilateral engagements, the discussions underscored Iran’s broader strategic vision for enhancing ties with African nations. Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian’s recent affirmation of Iran’s commitment to deepening engagement with Africa set the stage for a broader dialogue on regional cooperation and collaboration in sectors ranging from agriculture to education.

Central African Minister Ngate Robard’s presence added further depth to the deliberations, as he lauded Iran’s efforts to strengthen ties with Africa and underscored the strategic importance of initiatives such as the Iran-Africa Summit and Expo Tehran 2024. Robard’s remarks underscored the growing recognition of Iran as a reliable partner for African nations seeking to harness technology for sustainable development.

The meeting also witnessed the participation of Tanzania’s Minister of Trade and Industrial Development, Omar Said Shaaban, reflecting the widening scope of Iran’s engagement with African countries. Shaaban’s positive assessment of Iran’s ICT capabilities augured well for future collaboration, as both sides explored avenues for joint projects and knowledge-sharing initiatives.

As the discussions drew to a close, the focus shifted to the operationalization of the agreements reached, with concrete action plans set to be implemented in the weeks and months ahead. 

From exchange programs for ICT professionals to joint research and development initiatives, a multifaceted roadmap for collaboration emerged, poised to transform the ICT landscape in Uganda and strengthen the bonds of friendship between Uganda and Iran.

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As the sun set over Tehran’s skyline, casting a warm glow over the bustling metropolis, the promise of a new era of cooperation between Uganda and Iran in the realm of ICT shone brightly, illuminating the path towards a future defined by innovation, prosperity, and shared progress.


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