In March 2020, singer Angella Katatumba went public to disclose that despite Daddy Andre treating her well and showering her with love, she decided to call off their relationship when he refused to do the HIV test.

At that time Angella Katatumba and Daddy Andre were the talk of the town since it was the celebrity couple to look out for.

Following the accusations, Daddy Andre chose to step back and watch the space as Katatumba bossed the airwaves until her time elapsed.

After about three years, the renowned singer, songwriter, and producer Andrew Ojambo alias Daddy Andre has also shared his side of the story concerning the accusations of failing to carry out an HIV test with Katatumba.

He reasoned that he didn’t see the reason why he would rush to carry out an HIV test before he had an interest in engaging in sexual intercourse with Angella. He adds that he wanted to take everything a step at a time.

Why would you go for HIV/AIDs testing before you want to sleep with someone? Me declining, it was for my own good because if I had agreed and results turned out that negative, she would have drove me at a fast pace.

Me refusing I was showing her that somethings take time. Good thing I declined while with her and not the whole nation. All things you see people do in the media is acting and that is why we are still talking about her.

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Daddy Andre

He further noted that he is free to carry out an HIV test at any moment he wants or feels like when he deems it necessary but not when forced by someone who may have a different agenda.

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