Next Media TV presenter Vivian Ayesiga, known as Viana Indi, feels low after losing access to her TikTok channel where she commanded thousands of followers.

She learned about the loss of her account when she tried logging in but could not continue with the process as the notification directed her to open another channel.

TikTok is one of the most often used Apps worldwide and content creators have over the years fallen in love with it since it is a source of income that enables several individuals to earn a positive living especially when one commands thousands of followers.

Losing an account that commands several followers is hurting in a way that if one had advertisers, they would end up losing the contract as they may not be able to influence thousands of people.

Growing the account is not an easy task itself as it involves someone putting in extra effort and creativity to boast of a large following that would in the end be rewarding.

Viana Indi is still working around the clock to figure out whether she can regain access to her account and use it. For now, she has opened a new one.

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