Singer Dan Flavour, born Tumwesigye Daniel, opened up about his past struggles with depression and thoughts of committing suicide to end his life.

While narrating his depression ordeal, he stressed that the troubles started the moment his beloved father Pr Rushesha Paul breathed his last after he went through surgery and later succumbed to a strange illness due to old age.

Born into a family of about seven (7) children, his mother and sisters held a meeting and chose to install Dan Flavour as the heir of their dad despite being one of the last-born children.

Since his dad loved his children very much, he would always spare time and hold prayers with each one on a personal basis. Dan Flavour recounts that his dad would call him late in the wee hours of the night like 3 or 4 am to conduct prayers together.

When he passed on, the “Gwenjagala” singer was dealt a huge blow in his life and things turned around in a manner he had never seen before. During that moment, Dan Flavour resorted to something else as he became a drunkard, taking all kinds of alcoholic drinks at a terrible rate.

Not only did he stop at that, he resorted to smoking cigarettes, puffing weed, and other toxic substances so that he would try to forget about his dad, something that never worked in his favor.

He went the extra mile to distance himself from his mother and siblings to reach the level of seeking to practice black magic as he wanted to get a traditional healer to help him find a way to talk to his late dad again since he had previously heard that such things happen in life.

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He did so as he felt a heavy burden on him as he wanted to tell his late dad that the load was heavy on him and he couldn’t handle it anymore.

Dan Flavour added that he turned unruly and recounted a moment when he almost knocked one of his neighbors dead because he had lost his mind due to depression and would even fail to afford the rent of Shs200k per month.

He also reflected on a moment when Chagga Yagga Yo made him cry when he openly told him that he would never be a star in his career and the statement forced him to contemplate committing suicide.

When my dad passed on, I felt a big part of me had gone with him because he would call me every night and we would pray together. His passing almost forced me to look for traditional healers to ask them if there was a way I would talk to my dad again. I wanted to tell him to come and witness what was going on and I wanted to tell him that I wasn’t able to handle it. I take any kind of alcohol and chill alone because I was always depressed. One time Chagga made me cry when he told me that I would never be a star. I contemplated committing suicide

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