Ugandan female rapper Keko has denied allegations of drug use upon her return to the country, dismissing them as baseless rumors that have circulated for some time.

Once a prominent figure in the music scene, Keko’s absence from the limelight following her relocation to Canada had sparked speculation about her well-being and lifestyle choices.

Addressing the speculation head-on, Keko revealed that her time abroad was dedicated to furthering her education in the film industry, not indulging in illicit substances as some had suggested.

While she maintained a presence on social media platforms like Instagram, a momentary lapse during a live stream where she appeared intoxicated led to concerns among her fans.

However, Keko clarified that the incident was an isolated occurrence and not indicative of a larger issue.

Setting the record straight, Keko expressed her disappointment with the false narratives perpetuated by certain quarters in Uganda, stressing that she is now solely focused on her music career.

While in Toronto, Canada, I enrolled in a film school and took a break from producing music. Some of the things people say I do, which I don’t, include using drugs. I have a new song called “Twaze Kukyala” with Moses Matovu–Keko, Singer#21Questions

— SPARK TV (@sparktvuganda) April 29, 2024

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