Church ministers have been challenged to preach wealth creation to their followers. Presidency minister, Hon. Babirye Milly Babalanda said on Saturday that people should find answers for some of their livelihoods when they go to churches.

While attending the consecration of Bishop Steven Kyamaggwa and 10 other pastors at Hope Worship Center Church in Maternity Village, Mukono Central Division, the Presidency minister called upon pastors to ensure their followers don’t remain in poverty but find church a place to find both spiritual and physical aspirations.

Hon Babalanda Milly Babirye.

Through government programs such as Parish Development Model, Emyooga, skilling, youth livelihoods, Women Empowerment funds among others, Minister Babalanda said Pentecostal pastors could tap into such programs to uplift their people out of biting poverty. She said churches are sanctuaries for people who have lost hope and have lots of earthly challenges especially their physical needs.

George Fred Kagimu former Mukono mayor attended

The Minister condemned rampant corruption and land grabbing in the country driven by greed of Godless people. She said most of their cases of land grabbing have been reported to her office and challenged different leaders to take a strong stand against such practices.

Mrs Babalanda lauded President Museveni for ensuring freedom of worship for all religions. She said church leaders should play a bigger role in shaping a value driven society where people are restrained from bad practices such as homosexuality, drug abuse, laziness, abusive and hateful youth on social media among others.

Deputy resident district commissioner for Mukono, Mike Ssegawa, lauded Minister Babalanda for promoting a value-based society and Christian values in government. Other prominent people who attended the event were MP Betty Nambooze, former Mukono mayor George Fred Kagimu, former Mukono district chairman Andrew Senyonga, Mukono Central Division chairman Robert Kabanda among others.

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Mr. Mike Ssegawa with Ms Aminio Sheila.

Apostle Steven Kyamaggwa who founded his Church 14 years ago with his wife Deborah, thanked President Museveni for the appointment of the pro-people leader in Minister Babalanda, and more that 100 pastors prayed for Minister Babalanda to find more favor before her Boss, President Museveni and people she works with. The Minister contributed a million shillings towards church development projects.

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