Phiona Nyamutoro spearheads the Copyright Law amendment in Parliament

Phiona Nyamutoro spearheads the Copyright Law amendment in Parliament

In a recent report presented by Hon. Phiona Nyamutoro and the Committee of ICT to Parliament, the Uganda music industry is poised for a comprehensive transformation in the digital era. This report acknowledges the challenges faced by musicians and recommends key measures to address them.

One of the crucial recommendations put forth by the ICT Committee is the modernization of the copyright law. Hon. Nyamutoro affirms that this step aims to enhance enforcement mechanisms, protecting the rights of musicians and creators in the digital landscape.

According to her, updating the law to align with the current technological advancements will create a more robust framework for safeguarding intellectual property, harness the opportunities in the industry by improving the livelihood of people within the music industry, and also widen the revenue base to the government.

Recognizing the importance of local talent and cultural diversity, the report emphasizes the need to promote local content.

This not only provides a platform for Ugandan musicians to showcase their skills but also preserves and celebrates the rich cultural heritage of the country. By supporting and showcasing local talent, the music industry can thrive and gain global recognition.

She suggests that all this will foster a thriving and sustainable music industry by addressing the concerns raised, which will not only safeguard the rights and interests of artists but also contribute to cultural and economic development.

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