Sam Blick Okello to challenge Dr. Samuel Opio in Kole North MP race

EVERY election cycle brings in new faces who believe they have the better capacity and competence to represent specific constituencies and it’s the reason Dr Samuel Opio Acuti the incumbent Kole North MP has enough reasons to worry that a strong challenger has emerged.

Celebrated Kampala City lawyer Sam Blick Okello with enough experience is determined to offer himself as a better candidate to represent the constituency in the 12 Parliament.

Getting motivation from John Calvin Maxwell, an American pastor, author and motivational speaker who once said, “…when people respect you as a person, they admire you, when they respect you as a friend, they love you and when they respect you as a leader they follow you…” Okello describes his ambition as ‘demand driven’.

“…for two years now, I am overwhelmed with calls from residents of all walks of life who are literally begging me to contest in 2026 to go and represent them…”,Okello justifies.

With a Master’s degree in Law over his head obtained from the prestigious Makerere University plus a post graduate diploma in Legal Practice from the capital city based Law Development Centre, Sam Blick Okello says he has the requisite credentials to adequately represent the people.

He has promised to be a realistic and practical political servant who will always remain in constant and regular touch with the electorate to understand their needs and challenges for better representation and legislation.

Aware of the roles and responsibilities of a Member of Parliament, Sam Blick Okello says he cannot just sit and watch residents suffer from low access to clean and safe water, electricity, poor road networks, low level of education and health service delivery.

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“…it’s going to be my burden to work closely with the district and lower local governments to find ways of lobbying and networking with other key players like Civil Society Organizations to extend support…”, he assured.

What You Need to Know:

Sam Blick Okello is 42 years old, son of Humphreys Munu, a retired lecturer at NTC Ngetta in Lira City. He is a married man with three children. He is also an advocate of the High Court and the subordinate courts.

He started his education at the rural Ogwangadar Primary School in Aboke before proceeding to Aculbanya SS in the same area where he completed his Ordinary Level studies.

Sam Blick Okello later joined the catholic founded Comboni College at Ngetta in Lira City where he emerged one of the best that propelled him to go for a law course at Makerere University where he scooped First Class Degree.

It was at Comboni College, where his leadership potential sprouted when he was elected by more than 1,000 fellow students to lead them as their Head Prefect.

Optimistic that with the current reinvigoration of the opposition Uganda People’s Congress(UPC) which is so strong in the Lango sub region, Sam Blick Okello is sure of victory because most people are frustrated and disappointed by the ruling NRM.

On a light note, Sam Blick Okello is a strong fan of Manchester United, which sits number 7 on the current English Premier League table with 50 points below New Castle on the same points but shy of goals.

Kole, formerly part of Apac, became a district on 1st July 2010 by an Act of Parliament.

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Administratively, Kole has four town councils, namely Bala, Ayer, Akalo and Aboke, and six sub counties Akalo, Bala, Ayer, Aboke, Alito and Okwerodot, 41 parishes and 692 villages or cells.

The current MP, Dr Samuel Opio Acuti, who stood as an independent candidate, won with 16,334 votes beating the incumbent Bonny Desales Okello (NRM) who obtained 9,632 votes while independent David Deo Munu got 3,242 votes.

Others who also stood in the 2021 elections and lost included Dickens Ogwang with 2,011 votes and Peter Ogwang 1,589 votes.

Kole has three MPs: Judith Alyek, the District Woman MP, Peter Ocen Akalo for Kole South, and Dr Samuel Opio Acuti, Kole North.

The popular Judith Alyek is also the chairperson Lango Parliamentary Group (LPG) serving her second term in the double capacities.

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