Spice Diana has issued a strong warning to emerging female talents within Uganda’s music industry, encouraging them to exercise caution. Spice Diana emphasizes the need to be cautious of men within the industry who may exploit their vulnerability for personal gain.

While appearing on NTV’s Mwasuze Mutya, Spice Diana reflected on her fortunate encounter with a supportive manager at the start of her career, someone who played a pivotal role in her success over the past eight years.

Her lasting partnership with her manager, Roger Lubega, has enabled her to realize many of her aspirations within the music scene.

For the young generation aiming to enter the entertainment industry. Remember, your foundation is within yourself, so don’t depend on others. People will support you once you start making moves and establishing yourself. Recognize your worth.

Spice Diana

Diana’s advice stems from observing the struggles of fellow female musicians who often fall prey to opportunistic individuals offering assistance.

She cautions against placing blind trust in anyone willing to extend a helping hand, reminding newcomers that appearances can be deceiving.

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