If life in the entertainment industry did not turn out as expected, some artists, producers, and comedians would still have their other talents to fall back to for a living.

With more artificial turfs coming up in Munyonyo, Kisaasi, Kamwokya, Najeera, Kiira, and Entebbe among others, night cage 7-aside football is becoming ever so popular.

Celebrities have used these to revisit their footballing skills and to exercise their bodies.

Some of these can hit an accurate pass across a full-length pitch while others are physical enough to outmuscle any opponent at the numerous turfs across the city.

Others show the potential of what could have been and the reality of how lack of practice can damage talent. Nonetheless, they are always out every week to lash a kick at the ball, and their skills have impressed us.

It has also become a ground for several beautiful charity ideas as celebrities unite for football games from which gate collections and other proceeds are used to support different charity causes.

Below is a list of those we have seen playing the beautiful game before:

Eddy Kenzo

Alex Muhangi


Dax Vibez

Eddy Kenzo

MC Esco

Gravity Omutujju

Sir. Dan Magic



MC Topboy

Van Data

DJ Roja



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