Historians will keep writing about those gems in African politics but one man to remain standing tall will be none other than Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. All the past readings of the Mau Mau, Timbuktu, Maji Maji rebellions, Shaka the Zulu, Ethiopian Empire to Chisano, Nyerere, Mandela, Savimbi many in the mix but one man that has a long hard and sweet memories for the current, past and future generations to remember is Museveni.
Thinkers will all tell you that this species of a man is complicated and at the same time easy to understand. When other graduates were busy pursuing courses to become servants to either the white or the rich, Museveni was busy interrupting classes and giving teachers sleepless nights at Ntare School and few not even his close friends knew that in him, was a formation of great leader to a nation Uganda.
History tells us that when at Tanzanian University as a student, they were given a chance to go to Korea for a study tour and during the conference, he requested to visit an ammunition store or factory to which chance was given and here lies the back home struggle he was planning of toppling the Dictator by gun well knowing that Amin can’t be softly removed from power.
While we struggle to get graduates into the army, Museveni at a young age was ready to fight for Democrats.
Very few successful struggles of recent that have not seen his involvement and to mention a few, is the Rwanda struggle against Habyarimana that ushered in Inkontanyi (RPF) Kagame, the Zaire wars of Kabila, Siera Leone, the South Sudan peace they are enjoying, Ethiopia, Eriteria, The Somali past and current peace, South Africa where he set up a full training Camp at Oliver Tambo (Kaweweta) and this training camp according to intelligence weakened the the De Klerk and Pik Botha regimes to mention but a few.
Museveni the icon of successful generations, having pacified several African countries, and passionately working tirelessly for his mother nation Uganda, we have seen a growth of democracy, democratic individuals, successful politicians in Uganda ranging from the Samson Balibaseka Kisekka, Adyebo, Wandira Kazibwe to several sophisticated politics players.
Currently, we even have branded generations like Abaana, Abalwanyi (Historicals) now the Bazukulu.
His focused and sharp brains never relent to any generations and this has made him adored in and outside Uganda.
We know some countries where they wish to have a Museveni for at least a year.
When someone thinks of his retirement, his hidden cards, excellent health keeps vibrating in the community to always stick to him.
The Bazukulu at Kyambogo is now a hard force that is determined to propel Mr Museveni to resounding victory come 2026 under the hardened super lady Hajjat Haddija Namyalo who is spending stomach eruptions to the diminishing opposition that had of recent threatened the stable democracy.
He fought a guerrilla war and won, he has nurtured young brains as seen in by his recent style of appointing RDCs and Cabinet Ministers where he made a mix of experience and young creative brains.
Mr Museveni has overtime raised the leadership bar high for the Ugandans who try to challenge his leadership, they instead resort to insults, blackmail so that they get into elective positions.
In the next general election, the old man with a hat will win overwhelmingly.
Ssemuddu Ivan
The writer is a Media Analyst at Office of the National Chairman-NRM.

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