Simon Ssenkaayi is a proclaimed business motivational speaker; author and lover of literature and culture reservation. The latter shared his past experience and trip from European countries such as Dubai and Boston in United States of America where he has exercised his business inspirational career to Reporter BRIAN MUGENYI

 1– Talk about your humble tales of inspirational speaking; How did you walk your way into European countries to execute inspirational teachings?

It is said by those that came before us that, ‘if you find yourself, the world will find you’. Growth into any career requires consistency and persistence: nature tests us from the day we step out to do what many cannot do. It tests you not to fail you, but to confirm whether you’re indeed ready and committed to the journey. At the beginning many notice what you do but cannot appreciate or understand it there and then: that’s the purpose of the tests we go through. Remember, people will subscribe to your consistent belief and faith in what you do, not just your skills.

Through this consistence, your network begins to grow and expand and if you’re doing is tested and found to be effective, then contact is motivated. Travelling in Europe to do my work was both defined by the contacts and people that appreciate our work, but also our intentional move in tapping into the available opportunities to connect ourselves and expose our works. You must not rule out the part that one has to play in ensuring that all must be done is done and done so well.

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3- Talk about the core roles of an inspirational and motivational speaker and its relevancies for one to succeed as a motivational speaker!

One thing I have noticed is that the two terms are synonymously used but deeply defer from each other. Motivation derives its meaning from the Latin term “Movere” – meaning to move.

On the other side, inspiration derives its meaning from a Latin word, “Inspiratus” meaning to Breathe into.  And before this literal meaning, the word inspiration had a theological basis that predated this definition: it initially referred to the influence of a divine entity on a person.

Now, from the two explanations in summary, we understand that as motivation targets the brain, inspiration targets the spirit. These two pillars greatly influence what we become in life. The purpose is for the spirt, but the implementation is for the brain (the mind in the body). They work in tandem with each other for one to become that which is predetermined for them. This means, they’re both equally significant in a person’s growth and development.

4- How has the journey been throughout your career in the inspirational and motivational speaking?

Life isn’t a smooth sail, and everything takes time. I cannot say, I am where I want to be. But I can surely say, I am not where I used to be. It’s always important to acknowledge change in your path however little it may be. It’s better to be slow than not moving at all. Every step you take, exposes, and connects you to new opportunities, new challenges, from which you get new life lessons. Today, when I look back to how far I have come, I can say everything that I have gone through has shaped me into the person they see today. In life, every step that you take, shapes and molds you into the being you must be for a step ahead. So, it’s a journey of continuous learning and being shaped, for life is a path of learning from the day you’re born, to the day you die or until you lose interest in being critical or in learning.

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5- How does the Ugandans understanding the significance and impact of motivational and inspiration speaking?

Unlike in Europe where public speaking is a highly paid profession, many of our communities here haven’t yet appreciated the importance of inspirational speakers. I can personally say, ‘I am proud of what we have done so far as far as inspirational speaking is concerned in Uganda. Slowly but surely, the population is starting to acknowledge the impact of our works.

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