Fast-rising singing duo Ugaboys has sparked a heated debate online after they requested Radios and TVs to accord more music airplay for the living artists than the deceased.

In their view, they reasoned that playing the deceased music more than the living artists does not add any impact and value to the industry urging media personalities to let the deceased rest in peace.

Radios and TVs should stop playing the music of the dead people, those people are gone, and they can’t take the music industry anywhere, acknowledge the living, and let the dead rest in peace.


Their thought has been welcomed by mixed reviews from fellow artists like Kalifah AgaNaga who has since advised them to focus on releasing and doing better music stating that the direction they are taking will create hate and enmity for their brand.

I think it’s better you just do music, but you creating hate around your brand. This is too much.


The duo, however, went ahead to shed more light on their statements as they responded to Kalifah AgaNaga noting the living have not been given the much airplay as they deserve.

My bro even the living right now are doing good music, You are also doing good music for God’s sake. But wait someday, God forbid, the flowers u will receive, I bet you have never gotten a quarter of them. We have a lot to talk about this whole issue only if the industry is willing to listen to us who are still in the struggle.

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