In a recent episode of “The Sit Down With Juliana” podcast, gospel artist Levixone opened up about his fatherhood and personal decision to shield his family from the prying eyes of social media.

With a heartfelt revelation, he expressed his concerns about maintaining self-control and protecting his loved ones from any potential harm or disrespect.

Levixone, a devoted father, emphasized the importance of his children’s well-being and the need to create a safe space for them away from the public eye.

He acknowledged that being in the spotlight can sometimes lead to unwanted attention and interference in family matters and as a way to ensure their safety and preserve their privacy, he made the conscious choice to keep his children away from social media.

In his conversation, he admitted that he struggles with controlling his emotions when it comes to his family. He expressed his fear of what could happen if anyone were to disrespect or harm his loved ones.

Recognizing his own limitations, he decided that the best course of action would be to remove them from the public eye, minimizing the chances of any disrespect.

Levixone further shared that his decision cuts across the times his children get deals or ambassadorial roles, he tries as much as possible to stay out of it so that it doesn’t look like they went through because of privilege.

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