In a groundbreaking development, Uganda-based technology startup Yo-Waste has emerged victorious, securing a coveted spot for pilot implementation with Nile Breweries Limited (NBL) as part of Cohort 5 of the esteemed 100+ Accelerator program. 

This partnership not only signifies a significant leap for Yo-Waste but also underscores the growing importance of innovative solutions in waste management and environmental sustainability.

According to a statement released by Yo-Waste, the startup is set to embark on a glass waste collection and recycling program, leveraging its innovative mobile app-driven solution. This initiative, to be launched in collaboration with Nile Breweries outlets and depots, aims to promote circular packaging and mitigate the environmental impact of waste accumulation.

Martin Tumusiime, Co-founder of Yo-Waste, expressed his enthusiasm during the inaugural ceremony held in Leuven, Belgium, stating, “This funding will be instrumental in bolstering our capacity and expanding our efforts into the collection, packaging, and recycling of glass waste. Our goal is to significantly reduce its presence in landfills, thereby fostering a more sustainable environment.”

Tumusiime emphasized the significance of Yo-Waste’s participation in the 100+ Accelerator, describing it as a “milestone in our journey toward making a lasting impact on waste management and environmental sustainability in Uganda.” This sentiment reflects the startup’s dedication to addressing pressing environmental challenges through innovation and collaboration.

The 100+ Accelerator, spearheaded by AB InBev in partnership with industry giants such as The Coca-Cola Company, Colgate-Palmolive, and Unilever, serves as a beacon for startups committed to sustainability. 

Clare Asiimwe, Corporate Affairs Manager at NBL, lauded the program’s role in identifying and empowering startups tackling critical sustainability challenges. She remarked, “Backing innovative startups like Yo-Waste is essential for accelerating progress towards waste reduction and creating a healthier environment.”

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The competition attracted over 1,000 startups globally, with 400 originating from Africa, and an impressive 21% hailing from Uganda. This diversity underscores the region’s commitment to addressing sustainability challenges through entrepreneurship and innovation.

Reflecting on Yo-Waste’s victory, Tumusiime stated, “This win is a testament to the dedication of our team and the potential of our solution to drive positive change. With this opportunity, we are eager to broaden our efforts in addressing the challenge of glass waste and contribute to a more sustainable future.”

As Yo-Waste prepares to embark on this transformative journey, the partnership with Nile Breweries Limited through the 100+ Accelerator program promises to not only revolutionize waste management practices but also inspire a new wave of sustainable innovation in Uganda and beyond.


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