Western Uganda’s music scene is heating up as two of its prominent artists, Omega 256 and Ray G, prepare to stage shows on the same day, sparking reactions and controversy among fans.

Omega 256 took to her social media platforms to announce her upcoming show in Ishaka on May 10th at 7o7 Safaris. However, this announcement didn’t go unnoticed, as it coincided with Ray G’s grand concert in Kampala at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

The clash has ignited reactions from fans, with many expressing disappointment and frustration at Omega 256’s decision to stage her show on the same day as Ray G’s highly anticipated event.

Some have even gone as far as labeling her as “selfish” and “inconsiderate,” with accusations of jealousy thrown into the mix.

Ray G and Omega 256 have collaborated on a track together titled “Oli Wakabi.” One would assume that their relationship is positive, given their collaboration, but the conflicting concert dates raise questions about the after results between the two.

Some fans are left wondering about the implications of this clash for the future of their collaboration and their relationship as fellow artists.

But what’s wrong with this woman?

Ray G pushed her music to be played in Kampala
Ray G gave her a collabo (check thread)

Ray G has a concert in Kampala, instead of coming through to support him she’s staging a show on the same day with about 10 days to go

Jealous 🫢 pic.twitter.com/VeBsurHsQM

— ESAU (@Esau_Matsiko) April 27, 2024

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