NBS Sport TV Live is a Ugandan sports television network based in Kampala, Uganda . Its headquarter is located at Next Media Park, Plot 13, summit view Road, Kampala, Uganda.

It broadcasts live sports events and other related contents in Uganda like the national basketball, pool table competitions, Uganda boxing champions and many more.

It’s a sister tv channel of NBS TV Uganda.

You can watch NBS Sport online via live tv apps or websites. You can also visit the tv channel’s official website.
Most tv channels some times broadcast via social media platforms such as Facebook & YouTube, so you should also follow them on social media to keep upto date.

Online TV Streaming would be complicated without developers who develops apps and web players to simplify and enhance watching experience to end users on different platforms such as Android and Apple’s iOS.
We have developed a custom web based TV player for watching NBS Sport TV online for free and you can also download our live tv streaming app for android so that you get best watching expreince on your smartphone. It will also help you watch Ugandan Televisions (TV) live without payments or subscription.

Press play button to watch NBS Sport online using our web based player below 👇👇

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