MATHIAS LUTWAMA: A beautiful introspection on the new Assistant RDCs/RCCs 

In the Chronicles of revolutionary movements like NRA, RPF, ANC, the sacred doctrine of popular supremacy , guides the venerable course of organisations.

The New Assistant Resident District Commissioners/ City Commissioners , with an insurmountable task of field mobilization, in constituencies, counties and Subcounties , will have to guide the masses on the rationality of profitable government programs like Emyooga, youth livelihood and Women Empowerment.

Sufficing the heritage of national destiny, all powerful Nations across the world like Israel , United States of America, Great Britain, spend so much synergy and monetary resources to indoctrinate their citizens on the glorious value of their countries . The logical fecundity in this is self evident; You cannot bribe a Jew, or an American with any amount of money whatsoever to betray his/ her motherland. The New Assistant RDCs/ RCCs, as guided by His Excellency President Museveni and the Ministry for Presidency, will have to put to extinction all satanic forces ( lack of patriotism) in their places of deployment, whose intent is to cause mayhem , property destruction and betrayal of UGANDA’S sovereignty.

From a quantum of micro – economic advancement, all the 10, 594 Parishes in Uganda continue being functional beneficiaries of 100 million shs per parish, a Modus vivendi of socio economic transformation. This password is a summation of the NRM manifesto 2021 to 2026., Wherein the New Assistant RDCs/ RCCs will have to execute the principle of segmentation warfare , guiding Parish chiefs, Parish development Committee, LC1 chairpersons, per addendum, on pillar Number seven of Parish model .

Our Celebrated leader Mao Zedong , in his diagnosis of Marxism Leninism, induced the cultural revolution as a gateway to an industrial china. In our transformative context, the new RDCs/ RCCs, in pursuing the national triumph of His Excellency President Museveni, NRM Presidential candidate 2026, must investigate the corrupt in their districts, arrest the corrupt in their districts and subdue the corrupt in their districts, with ebullience and ease….

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( Mathias Lutwama is a Pan Africanist. Lutwama is also Deputy Resident District Commissioner Rakai, Sms 0772475293)

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