In recent weeks, Nina Kankunda a.k.a Nina Roz has openly revealed her desire to join active politics and her affiliation to Bobi Wine’s political party NUP is not a secret anymore.

But why politics?

During an interview on the Vybe Lyfe Ug YouTube show, Nina Roz was asked to reveal what she would be doing had music not turned out a good venture for her.

Without hesitation, she said, “Politics!” Nina Roz noted that she has always liked leadership because it is a very important aspect of the community.

She further noted that she would never refuse to take up any political position if her community chose her to lead.

She. however, downplayed politics being the sole reason why she returned to school, maintaining that her return to University is to transform her life.

I returned to school because I desire to transform my life but if it is another aspect that would push me to politics, I would want to make a change in my country.

Politics is what keeps this whole world moving. There is no way you can avoid being part of it. If I was chosen by the people (in any political position) I would take it.

Nina Roz

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