Parliament’s Blame Game: Anti-Gay Law Cited in Speaker Among’s UK Sanctions

In a recent development involving the UK’s implementation of sanctions against Speaker Anita Among and former ministers Agnes Nandutu and Mary Goretti Kitutu, Parliament has once again focused on the contentious anti-gay law.

According to Director of Communication and Public Affairs -Parliament, Chris Obore, the harsh measures are attributed to the controversial statute by Parliament amid the impact of the sanctions, which reignites discussion and examination.

Obore asserted in his statement that the UK sanctions claims are due to charges purportedly faced by the Rt. Hon Speaker and two other Ministers in the Anti-Corruption Court, which is a false premise because the Rt. Hon Speaker has never been charged with corruption in any courts of law, contrary to the insinuation in the statement.

“The iron sheets have been used as a ruse to conceal the real, unstated but obvious reason for the sanctions which is the Rt. Hon Speaker’s stance on the recently enacted Anti-Homosexuality Act. The truth is that the iron sheets were in fact distributed to public schools, and Mr Andrew Micthell – who was vocal in condemning the Rt. Hon Speaker Among for enacting the Anti-Homosexuality Act did not, in his statement, indicate how exactly the Rt. Hon Speaker derived personal benefits from them,” he said.

He warned that international powers must respect the sovereignty of countries like Uganda since they are independent and can set laws to govern themselves.

“It is important that foreign partners, including the United Kingdom, respect the sovereignty of Uganda, and avoid the temptation to meddle in our local politics, including arm-twisting decision-makers to align with their value system, especially on homosexuality,” he said.

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