PLU national youth boss tells traders and civil servants to leave street demonstrations to unruly politicians seeking cheap popularity 

THE National Head of Youth Wing under the Patriotic League of Uganda (PLU) Hussein Ibra has blamed most of the socio-economic evils taking place on errant civil servants and the elites who have chosen the path of self aggrandizement at the expense of national interests.

Hussein Ibra notes with concern that the once upon a time respected civil servants and the supposedly well educated people have become vultures feeding on the innocence and vulnerability of the ordinary citizens.

The concern follows increasing incidences of strikes by the Kampala City traders under their umbrella bodies led by KACITA who are protesting the enforcement of Electronic Fiscal Receipting and Invoicing Solution (EFRIS) by the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA).

The traders who closed their shops on Monday are also concerned at the influx of foreign nationals who are baptized as investors yet in actual sense many of them end up as hawkers of mobile phones and other electronic gadgets.

The Kampala strikes by the traders follow another one where health workers and support staff at Jinja Regional Referral Hospital who were protesting the alleged grabbing of a stretch of land under dispute with the Jinja Muslim Community.

“…why must traders abandon their business premises where they earn income while serving the customers, why must health workers who are considered civilized abandon their core duties of saving lives for cheap popularity…”, Hussein Ibra criticized.

Hussein Ibra who is also the youth councilor to the Southern Division in Jinja City says one of the reasons PLU was formed is to teach Ugandans to be patriotic in all aspects.

He cites corruption, nepotism, discrimination, among others as some of the vices impeding service delivery in the country.

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“…people abscond from duties for days while others report late and leave early and ignore the wanainchi who badly need services from them but the salaries are always paid in full…” Hussein Ibra pointed out.

At only 23, Hussein Ibra says his colleagues in LPU have done a lot in Busoga and eastern region where they get defectors on a daily basis because of the principles and ideals the organization advocates.

Defending PLU as the best vehicle to kick out corruption and lack of patriotism, Hussein Ibra heaps praises on the group principal and founder Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba who was recently appointed as the CDF of the UPDF as a man who loves and cares for the youth.

Asked what 2026 will look like in Busoga where the now polarized opposition NUP made political inroads, Hussein Ibra downplayed saying NRM is getting more organized and strengthened than ever before.

“…the only challenge we had was internal bickering and fighting among some top NRM politicians from Busoga where some heavyweights ganged up to sponsor opposition candidates…”,he said.

He says even the party National Chairman who is also the President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is aware and that everything is being done to correct the political mistakes through harmonious ways.

Using the current crisis eating up FDC and NUP, among others, Hussein Ibra brags that NRM has vibrant conflict resolution mechanisms in place managed by tested and competent leaders who do not make noise on social media.

“…our leaders handle issues internally unlike some parties where the so-called leaders make decisions in bars and discotheques and before you know it, the issues are already on social media…”, he made a veiled attack.

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He also used the occasion to urge Ugandans, especially residents of Busoga to prepare to embrace and support the forthcoming National Population Census so that accurate data is captured for proper planning by the government.

What You Need To Know:

The MK Movement started in April 2022 as a spontaneous and diverse group of citizens that rallied behind Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba to appreciate his military services and the services of his military commanders to the country.

MK was constituted into a civic organization assuming and adopting the name PLU with the aim of working towards reviving in Ugandans a spirit of good citizenship, national pride, national service, protection of vulnerable people, fighting corruption and wastage of public resources and protection of the environment against the effects of Climate Change.

According to the founders, PLU will remain non-partisan, non denominational and non sectarian in whatever they do.

Recently, the PLU chairman Gen Muhoozi restructured the organization by appointing the MP Kasanda David Kabanda as the Secretary General, Michael Nuwagira alias Toyota as National Vice Chairperson.

Nuwagira will also serve as acting chairman as Gen Muhoozi serves the army.

Newly appointed Minister of State for Relief, Disaster and Refugees /Kitgum Woman MP Lillian Aber will serve as Vice Chairperson Northern Region while the Youth and Children’s Affairs Minister Balaam Barughare will be the Vice chairperson Western region.

Kampala celebrated lawyer Edwin Karugire who is also the son in law of President Yoweri Museveni was appointed to head the legal Department at PLU.


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